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Anita Barratt

Anita Barrat documents her travels throughout Europe the Americas and Asia in this beautiful collection of colour photographs. The clarity of her images, the light, contrast and composition of her work creates an insightful sense of drama within all her subjects and at times her work holds a sense of the film still. Anita Barrat lives and work in Devon, England.
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Michael Barrow

Michael Barrow is concerned with the human traces and shaping of the landscape. How we view it, frames and defines it. His images cause one to consider the implications of how we see: whether that means gazing up at the channel of sky between the branches of a tree, squatting at the ground level of splashing forest stream rapids or staring from outside in the cold through a steamy window at the warmth inside.
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Jon Beck

Jon has had a passion for photography which spans three decades. He comes from a family with a history of photography, including his father who lectured in the art of camera control and advanced darkroom techniques, a course which Jon attended. Originally working in 35mm, Jon has made the transition to digital media and enjoys high dynamic range photography to help capture the vision more easily rendered using film photography.

Jon lived in Bourton-on-the-Water for several years and his love of the Cotswold area, coupled with the inherent beauty of this area, is the inspiration for a set of 27 limited edition prints. He has exhibited on three occasions with this landscape set in the summer/autumn of 2008. A recent commission, including several of these prints, has introduced Jon to large format canvas printing.

Jon’s interests span portraiture to landscape, still life to abstract. He continues to explore and improve in all aspects of photography.

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Cesare Bedognè

Rather like a personal diary, Cesare Bedogne’s beautiful black and white gelatine prints, document his life and travels throughout Europe and America.
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Paul Bevitt

Paul Bevitt has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. Born in Yorkshire, UK, Bevitt originally studied Graphic Design before moving to London and embarking on a career in photography. “My approach to photography is to capture a series of images linked by subject, lighting or technique.” he says. Paul Bevitt has received numerous gold and silver advertising awards including, D&AD, Campaign, Ilford, Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, and The Creative Circle. He was also given an award for his “Personal Still Life” by the Association of Photographers, UK.
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Sergiusz Blajchert

Wildly theatrical and engrossingly dark, Sergiusz Blajchert photographs reflect a strange and bizarre world. "I shuffle time and place, reality and nightmare". Blajchert.
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Damien Borowik

Damien uses line to express mood. His work often consists of quick, choreographed movement - energetic and frenetic, bursting with excitement and passion. His contrasting use of black ink, juxtaposed with pillar box red, assists in intensifying the works real sense of temperament, potency and power.
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Caroline Breen

Caroline Breen is a photographer and painter (with a particular penchant for donkeys and cathedrals!) who lives and works in France.
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