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Robert Brook

We like art that applies a romantic sheen to everyday life. But then we also like art that shows the world as it is, without any attempt to glamourise the cities and people that surround us. The photography of Robert Brook teeters between art and photojournalism, living in a wonderful place between accurate representation and artistic selectivity. His portfolio contains images of bus stations, lamp posts, canals, power stations and intriguingly placed missing flippers. When we at LondonArt first viewed this work we were struck by its honestly and its familiarity. These images capture something of the daily reality of life in modern Britian, while simultaneously providing beautiful images that that are stylistically striking. Lovers of chic images, look away now. Robert Brook is showing us the world that we so often ignore.
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Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks photograph’s both urban and rural landscapes. "I am a self taught photographer working mostly in medium format and black and white. I like to shoot in a number of forms, some landscape but also some experimental macro photographs in 35mm” ‘Gaillimaufry’ is a perfect example of Chris’s 35mm macro photography. Cleverly manipulating the light and the camera angle Chris produces beautiful, often surreal images which initially seem to be computer generated. Instead his macro images are a testament to his ability and knowledge of traditional and conventional techniques.
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Craig Brown

Photographer Craig Brown is based in Edinburgh. He creates images in a Modernist style, being architecturally stark, geometric and focused on the city. There is a nod to fashion media and woman as muse.
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My Graphic Art is based on my dreams and defiantly little stories with hidden meanings and thoughts, I like to have some mystery in this work. Sometimes it is cool to abandon the real world and jump into some strange place where you and find new things you wouldn't normally see in every day life. I'm definitely a daydreamer. Who knows what you will see in this art.
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Dorian Burt

Burt’s rather bizarre yet extremely humorous images have been exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Serpentine Gallery, London. His works are in prestigious private collections throughout the world. So, if you are looking to buy a piece of art as an investment this is a fantastic place to start.
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Paul Bussell

Photographer Paul Bussell presents here a selection of his series on big cats: Sumatran tigers, lions, clouded leopards and snow leopards. All in black and white, his stunning images feature these magnificent felines in a variety of poses; atop cliffs, cuddling together and splashing in water. This begs the question: just how did he manage to achieve these fantastic images? There must surely have been an element of danger involved in the creation of these works!
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mavis carnaby-Jones

These stunning contemporary digital prints are the epitome of what photography is for. They beg the question, "How was that shot taken?!" For the artist seems to be 'a fly on the wall' except for the fact that there are no walls out on the ocean. Certainly, 'up close and personal' in her viewpoint, Carnaby-Jones possesses a flair for composition and an impressive ability to capture movement that most of us will never see in real life. Her works show real passion for aquatic pursuits and in her piece "Fishing for Surfers", she even manages to convey the humour of comic juxtapositions.
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Horacio Carrena

This Argentinian's busy, vibrant and multi-layered works, with their amorphous shapes and jagged lines, seem to owe much to the passion of Miro and Basquiat's urban vitality. He actually gains much inspiration from the symbology of his region's indigenous peoples. "I'm looking and looking at these signs, extracting those that are most interesting to me from the standpoint of visuality and expressiveness," he explains, thus creating a language all his own.
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Tamara  Cerna SofiG

The multi-talented Tamara Cerna SofiG is a professional artist who has also worked extensively as a dancer and choreographer. Her black and white photographs somehow read very much like paintings, perhaps due to their sensitive composition and dramatic sense of atmosphere. The photographs shown here focus on female ballerinas and Tamara brings her rich experience to bear on this most poignant of subjects. Making use of the play of light on the body she has produced images from an area of her own expertise.
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Frederic Chevarin

Frederic Chevarin is a sculpture working in limestone and marble. “The theme central to my research is movement. The ability to animate limestone and marble is almost an obsession for me.” He says. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Chevarin’s ability to create delicate intimate sculptures in what are essentially heavy and dense materials are a testimony to his talent as a sculptor. “My ideas are sourced through nature…I don’t copy the bird I am carving, I sculpt its ability to fly, I find an intimate way to observe its flight, soaring and gliding above cliff tops.” Mentored by the sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld VPRBS he is an associate member of the Royal British Society of sculptors and has work in private collections across Europe.
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