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Marc Christmas

Mark Christmas’s produces powerful black and white photographs. Similar to a film still, each image dramatically captures a mood or emotion.
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Jan Cihak

Jan Cihak's current body of work is formed under the collective title of Hunt. Focusing on the Fox as a symbol of the 'hunted', he works at night, seeking the Fox in its city dwellings. The act of creation becomes the 'hunt' for Jan as he searches out, points and shoots his subjects through the eye of the lens. Jan's photographs have a grainy quality to them and often reflect a narrative in a snapshot moment. "I also think that this animal more then others has got some indefinable aura" he says, adding, "the Fox can be seen as a symbol of other hunted creatures." As a photographer working in film and the digital medium, Jan questions his own approach to the medium and uses a number of techniques to do this. Born in 1978 in Czech Republic, Jan Cihak has had work in group and solo exhibitions and is currently studying at the London College of Communication, London.
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Chris Cooke

Chris Cooke is a Brighton based Graphic Designer and Musician, fascinated by photographing fragments of billposters that have been organically created by nature, and human interaction. Chris Cooke hopes that by taking these images out of the context of their original environments they take on a new and strangely emotive characteristic.
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Paul Cooklin

Much of Paul's inspiration is drawn from his travels and surroundings. From the gentle landscapes of his current home in Suffolk to the striking juxtaposition of technology and nature that is particularly prevalent in Asia, where he lived for 8 years. It is these experiences that give rise to the fascinating coexistence of colour and shape in his work.
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Stephen Cotterell

Stephen Cotterell produces highly professional, iconic photographic images. He portrays the burnt out shell of the West Pier at Brighton, illuminated by an amazing multicoloured sunset. There is also a fantastic, atmospheric, rooftop scene of the jutting spires of Oxford, which looks straight out of a fairytale.
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Anna Creighton

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) in Textiles, Anna Creighton became increasingly fascinated be the rapidly development of Manchester City Center and its suburbs. Swapping her embroidery thread, for pencil, charcoal and paint, Creighton began documenting, villages, towns and cityscapes with equal fervor. Choosing the medium to suit the represented atmosphere and environment Anna created her sumptuous gouache pieces to perfectly capture the romance of Paris; her intricate textile embellished watercolours to encapsulate chocolate box country villages, whilst her raw sketch-like mixed media pieces represented Manchester’s industrial heritage. Anna Creighton is currently working on a series inspired by a collection of U.S Cities. Her work has been by collected by several high profile television personalities, and has been commissioned by a number of large property developers. Creighton has received media acclaim, including coverage from the BBC.
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Mike Curry

Mike Curry has been a professional portrait photographer for over twenty years. His passion for photography began with his first camera an Olympus Trip… "I was out taking photographs of anything and everything." he says. The collection of works represented by reflects his equal dedication for nature and landscape photography. A Runner-Up in the BBC Countryfile Photo98 Competition, Curry won Second Prize at the Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition 2004. In 2006 his work was shortlisted for the Garden Photographer of the Year and was exhibited in a UK based touring exhibition. His dramatic work is available in limited edition photographic prints. For more details on sizes and finishes please contact
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Timothy Cushan

Timothy Cushan trained as a commercial photographer and has recently returned from India where he documented the the disappearing “Camel Tribes” of Rajasthan. His fascination with elephants began when he visited a rescue and rehabilitation reserve in Thailand. The 'Elephant Skin' series is born out of "a passionate connection with animals and their inherent capacity to convey a deeper truth...I believe that an image can be imbued with the power, magic, humour and beauty to teach and inspire beyond language, age, time and culture and remind us of the truth of ourselves and the world we share." He has exhibited in his native Australia and New York and California.
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Cyril De La Torre Branger

The Artist known as Bran, lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Integral within all of Bran's beautiful and elegant photographs is the notion of movement. From the obvious depiction of trails left in the sky from a travelling plane, to those left by a burning cigarette, it is clear that life has been captured as it continues around him. Similarly, to viewing a film still, the sense of documenting the passing of time rather than capturing a frozen moment, helps to create a sense of spectator benevolence rather than voyeurism.
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