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Graham Smith

By blending photography with digital know-how, Graham Smith has created a collection of affordable, deeply stylish, youthful and energetic artworks to be enjoyed by a wide audience. By focusing on pop culture icons, he creates work that would make a fantastic gift for any friend or family member who idolises musicians and movies. In other works he focuses on the animal kingdom with a wry smile and cartoonish style. This is fun and funky art for someone with a sense of humour and an appreciation of modern, street or pop styles. Contact Paul if you are interested in buying a piece.
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Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith is a full time Photographer and Rock Babe. Her last exhibition, 'Exposure', London, featured her atmospheric live music images. Artists included Iggy Pop, The Hives and Oasis, amongst others.
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Leni Smoragdova

Leni Smoragdova has exhibited at "The Armory Show" in New York and worked with Madonna. Her work is drawn from a refreshingly subversive theoretical position, of which she is the author: "Transaction Art". She states, "Any spectator gets used to the fact that any serious topic must be delivered by the author’s intelligent tone. Absolutely seriously and thoughtfully. But why?"
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John Stevens

John Stevens is greatly influenced by the artists of the Surrealist movement. Artists such as Dali and Magritte greatly inspire his work. Steven’s seeks to broaden an objective view of reality by fusing it with instinctive dream like imagery to create a new ‘super’ reality
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Sturla  Strand

Sturla uses a mixture of techniques in creating his images. Some of them are developed in a traditional way, in a darkroom; others are played with by using Photoshop. Sturla prefers working with a photograph digitally, because it gives him overall control with the result and look of the work. He is interested in shapes, lines and shadows; generally speaking in a form of an object. His inspirations come from various motives and places; most of his shots are taken locally to his home, in Son, Norway.
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Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator and cartoonist with a wry sense of humour who lives and works in Dublin. In the late Seventies he worked as a humorist for Italian satirical magazines Zut and Il Male in Rome and then moved to Dublin in the Eighties where he studied Medieval History at Trinity College and was awarded a PhD. His work has been published and exhibited all over the world including The Shiny Squirrel Gallery, NY; Little Paper Airplanes, L.A; Wannabee and DOZ Gallery Milan, Italy; Irish Art House, Tullamore and The Loft, Dublin, Ireland.
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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a self taught artist working in pastel and digital media. Mark tends to work in pastel when creating his more representational work, while utilising digital technology to create his abstract pieces.
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Carola Eleonore Thiele

Carola Eleonore Thiele is based in Hamburg, Germany and studied at HAF Hamburger between 2007-2009. In recent years she has participated in several group shows in Germany especially at the Galerie Kunstbörse in Wusterhausenand been selected for online exhibitions at kunstplattform, artfolio, arte-mea and art-offer. Her paintings are distinctive for their fable-like quality. She says, "Art is like a dream you`red dreamed before. Like a picture that has itself manifested."
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martin thompson

Martin Thompson takes beautiful pictures of trees seen through the seasons, as well as landscapes of breathtaking beauty. He also portrays London's tourist attractions and industrial sights. Whereas many of the edifices he chooses are wonderful architecturally on their own terms and are presented face on, he also digitally manipulates these civic monuments to add his own satirical, even subversive twist. The presence of peace protestor Brian Haw's profile against the House of Commons is a necessary reminder of photography's power as reportage.
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Carol Tipping

Carol Tipping is regularly invited to feature her work in ‘Digital Photographer and Creative imaging’ magazine. Her growing popularity, hard work and dedication has recently secured her the prestigious Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.
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